KTXGL-500L carbide circular saw blade sander In China

KTXGL-500L carbide circular saw blade sander


This machine is a special equipment for saw blade surface polishing, chuck adopts a center push rod device, clamping base is very convenient, the sucker to stop using the foot brake, greatly reduce clamping time, saw blade substrate after polishing, smooth, bright. With the plane horizontal shaft cone grinding surface compared to the United States, is the ideal polishing equipment alloy saw blade. This equipment can also be used for the surface polishing of diamond saw blades.

Technical parameters

Diameter:                                           100- 500mm
Aperture:                                            10- 50 (can be customized)
Belt (TIE)                                            750 * 38mm 60# 80# 100# 120# 150#
The grinding head speed:              3500rpm
Total power:                                       202kw
Voltage:                                              380V
Total weight:                                      480KG
Dimensions:                                      1360 x 600 x 1300