KTPXB-650L Automatic Double Shaft Sand Blasting Machine In China

KTPXB-650L Automatic Double Shaft Sand Blasting Machine


Machine features
● The machine is a special equipment for carbide circular saw blade ring sandblasting. 
● Designed for a unique single-axis sandblasting, greatly improved work efficiency, (middle class around 2500). 
● Loaded gun organizations to adopt three gun while moving the device, for varieties of adjustment is very convenient. 
● This machine supporting the cleaning concentrate processor, highly environmentally friendly and high utilization Emery, reusable, significant cost savings. 
● Simple, easy clean, circular saw blades are ideal for the production of alloy sandblasting equipment. 


Technical date at a glance

Outer diameterф100 — ф650mm
Bore diameterф10 — ф50mm(Special specifications can be customized)
Compressed air≤0.9Mpa
Grit sizes24# 36# 46# 60#
Working air pressure≥0.8MPA
Total power1.8KW
Voltage380V (Phase four-wire)
Net weight1100kg
Dimensions2280×1500×1580mm(main engine)
Equipped with equipmentAir tank, Air compressor, Dust removal equipment