KTPXA-500L semi automatic sandblasting machine In China

KTPXA-500L semi automatic sandblasting machine


The machine is mainly suitable for gear ring blasting in hard alloy saw blade. Decorative sandblasting slightly modified is also suitable for other mechanical parts and tools. Based on the original manual sandblasting machine improved the timing automatic sandblasting, greatly enhance the production efficiency. This machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, shift production efficiency can reach more than 800, the use of time relay can be easily set sandblasting, sandblasting equipment is ideal for production of hard alloy circular saw blades.

Technical parameters:
Diameter:                                                           Ф100—ф500mm
Aperture:                                                            ф20 ф25.4 ф30 (can be customized)
Maximum pressure:                                         ≤ 0.8Mpa
The recommended pressure:                        0.6 - 0.8Mpa
Brown corundum sand blasting sand:         24# 36# 46#
Total power:                                                      0.75KW
Voltage:                                                             380V (three-phase four wire)
Total weight:                                                     250kg
Dimensions:                                                     700 x 900 x 1380
The matched equipment:                           1、storage tank
                                       2、 air compressor