KTMRQ-500 carbide circular saw blade angle grinding machine In China

KTMRQ-500 carbide circular saw blade angle grinding machine


This machine is a special equipment for alloy saw blade angle grinding, its good stability, convenient operation and adjustment, the rotating mechanism is adopted in this machine, can make the grinding head swing around 45. By the ruler. Operating components using cross planker additional rotary device, swing stroke of an eccentric mechanism, the size can be adjusted, the slider feed, ease of operation, is the production of alloy saw blade grinding equipment ideal. This machine can also be used for re grinding carbide circular saw blades, suitable for furniture factory, wood processing plants, large quantities of saw blades and grinding work. This machine can also be used as angle grinding alloy inlaid band saw and frame, need special tooling.

Technical parameters:
Diameter:                                                              4 "- 20"
Aperture:                                                               ф20 ф25.4 ф30 (can be customized)
The butterfly shaped grinding wheel:              ф150×ф16×12 
                             180# 240#
Rake Grinding range:                                         Ф100—ф500mm
Anteversion angle grinding range:                   0. 45.
The range of angle grinding:                             0. 35.
Addendum angle grinding range:                    0. 45.
The grinding head speed:                                 4600rpm
Stroke:                                                                   ≤ 15mm
Total power:                                                         1.3KW
Voltage:                                                                 380V
Total weight:                                                         450kg
Dimensions:                                                         800 x 1300 x 1380