KTMQC-500B Automatic Double Shaft Side Angle Grinding Machine In China

KTMQC-500B Automatic Double Shaft Side Angle Grinding Machine


Machine features
● The machine is a special equipment for carbide circular saw blade side angle grinding. 
● Designed for single-axis milling, console with cross carriage, to the heart and to the perimeter corner angle adjustment is very convenient. 
● The machine uses mechanical transmission, without any pneumatic and hydraulic parameters set clear, clear, easy to operate. 
● Polishing rate for three-speed adjustable, can be set according to the precision requirements. 
● The machine has a silencer notch corresponding to the delay setting function, improve the thin groove articulate precision grinding. 
● The abrasive 20 teeth per minute, precision ≤0.05, high accuracy, low power consumption, high stability and low maintenance costs. 


Technical date at a glance

Outer diameterф100 —ф500mm
Bore diameterф12 —ф50mm(Special specifications can be customized)
Tooth pitch8— 50mm
Radial angle-5°— 5°
Perigon angle0°—5°
Front Angle of tooth-5°—+25°
Working speed10 —30(T/min)
Diamond wheelф80×ф16×4mm

Diamond wheel grit180# 220# 280#(Recommended)
Total power2.2KW
Voltage380V (Phase four-wire)
Net weight950kg