KTMLQ-300B Full Automatic Front Angle Grinding Machine (Robot Arm) In China

KTMLQ-300B Full Automatic Front Angle Grinding Machine (Robot Arm)


Machine features
● The machine is used for professional-grade carbide circular saw blade rake angle grinding equipment. 
● Closed environmentally friendly design, automatic clamping arm saw. 
● Mitsubishi servo motors to implement micro-feed, feed rate can be set, the device steel is good, using the silver brand precision ball screw and linear slide, high precision grinding, grinding wheel low loss. Stable performance. 
● One-time completion of all tooth grinding, with a common variety of tooth grinding program, select convenience, including flat tooth, left tooth, about flat, around about flat, single helical tooth of a variety of grinding. 
● About tooth tooth procedures most commonly used to optimize the design, first of all finished grinding teeth left, then right tooth grinding, grinding to reduce turnaround time, improve the mechanical stability, but also improve efficiency. 
● About teeth grinding wheel can achieve automatic compensation to ensure a high around the teeth, but also achieve wheel wear automatic compensation function, no manual feed, to ensure the accuracy of product consistency. 
● Special tooth grinding can be set arbitrarily. 


Technical date at a glance

Outer diameterф100—ф300mm
Bore diameterф12—ф50mm(Special specifications can be customized)
Tooth pitch5—65mm
Front Angle of tooth-10°—+30°
Bevel angle at the tooth face-15°—15°
Grinding length0—25mm
Grinding precision≤0.02mm
Working speed20(T/min)
Diamond wheelф125×ф20×3mm
Diamond wheel grit240# 400#(Recommended)
Working air pressure≥0.5MPA
Total power3KW
Net weight1300kg