KTMLC-300B Full Automatic Side Angle Grinding Machine (Robot Arm) In China

KTMLC-300B Full Automatic Side Angle Grinding Machine (Robot Arm)


Machine features
● The machine is a special equipment for professional-grade carbide circular saw blade side angle grinding. 
● Closed environmentally friendly design, automatic clamping arm saw. 
● Mitsubishi servo motors to implement micro-feed, feed rate can be set, the device steel is good, using the silver brand precision ball screw and linear slide, high precision grinding, grinding wheel low loss. 
● Flexible program settings, feed location retract position can be arbitrarily chosen, to achieve a variety of grinding way. 
● Automatic compensation function, as long as the compensation does not need to manually set the appropriate feed, to ensure consistency of product precision. 
● Special tooth grinding amount can be set arbitrarily. 


Technical date at a glance

Outer diameterф100—ф300mm
Bore diameterф12—ф50mm(Special specifications can be customized)
Tooth pitch5—65mm
Front Angle of tooth-5°—+30°
Radial angle-5°—5°
Perigon angle0—5°
Grinding edge width1.5—13mm
Grinding edge thickness1.5—4mm
Grinding edge length3—12mm
Grinding precision≤0.02mm
Working speed20(T/min)
Diamond wheelф100×ф20×4mm
Diamond wheel grit240# 400#(Recommended)
Working air pressure≥0.5MPA
Total power3.5KW
Net weight1200kg