KTMGP-300L Full Automatic Six Shaft Polishing Machine (Robot Arm) In China

KTMGP-300L Full Automatic Six Shaft Polishing Machine (Robot Arm)


Machine features
● The machine is used for carbide circular saw blades and diamond saw blade surface polishing equipment. 
● Spindle turntable uses segmentation, the implementation of the six-axis continuous rotation job. 
● Using a special mechanism automatically turn piece, monolithic positive and negative once polished to complete, without manual turning sheet. 
● Automatic unloading robot, automatic PLC program is running. 
● Sucker all using electromagnets, automatic air-cooled, automatic dust removal. 
● Loading, unloading zone using multi-position, without downtime continuous, stable performance, high efficiency, middle class around 3000 (7 "), a person can operate multiple devices. 


Technical date at a glance

Outer diameterф100—ф300mm
Bore diameterф15—ф50mm(Special specifications can be customized)
Belt size1150×35mm
Belt grit150# 180# 280#
Working air pressure≥0.5MPA
Total power7.5KW
Net weight1800KG