KTMCK-300 Automatic Single Shaft Slot Grinding Machine In China

KTMCK-300 Automatic Single Shaft Slot Grinding Machine


Machine features
● The machine is used for carbide circular saw blades mowing the groove edge of special grinding equipment. 
● Designed for single-axis milling or so models, suitable for mowing sheet positive and negative edge groove grinding. 
● Simple operation, easy adjustment, after grinding grooves improve the sharpness of the cutting mowing sheet, reducing the resistance when cutting. 
● The machine adopts special mechanical transmission, high efficiency, stable performance, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs. 


Technical date at a glance

Outer diameterф150—ф300mm
Bore diameterф12—ф50mm(Special specifications can be customized)
Tooth pitch8—50mm
Working speed10—30(T/min)
Diamond wheelф150×ф20×10mm Diamond electroplated grinding wheel (width from customized according tooth)
Total power2.8KW
Voltage380V (Phase four-wire)
Net weight580kg