KTHTC-500S Automatic Welding Machine In China

KTHTC-500S Automatic Welding Machine


Machine features
● The machine is a special equipment for automatic welding serrated carbide circular saw blades designed as special type of wire. 
● Automatically selected gear, dispensing, wire, welding, tempering, high stability of welding quality. 
● You can fine-tune the auto-tempering function, to adapt to a variety of special requirements, automatic tool around the teeth, single-time completion of welding, carpentry sheet, cutting slices can be automatically welded. 
● Use of sophisticated infrared temperature measurement device, so that the temperature control precision error ≤1 °, thus ensuring the weld strength. 
● Imported electrical components, advanced ultra-high frequency heating controller, small size, low power consumption and high efficiency. 


Technical date at a glance

Outer diameterф100-ф500mm
Bore diameterф12-ф50mm(Special specifications can be customized)
Front Angle of tooth-5°—+35°
Tooth length3.5—10mm
Tooth Width1.5—8mm
Tooth thickness1.4—5mm
Working speed650  Teeth/hour
Welding precision≤0.05mm
Welding strength≥120MPA
Power220V 50HZ
Total power6.8KW
High frequency output power6.5KW
Working air pressure≥0.5MPA
Working water pressure≥1.5kg/cm
Net weight280KG