2017-10-18 16:40:04

The Role of Metal Circular saw Machine In Enterprise

Changing equipment is the path of the enterprise, whether from the quality of the product or the efficiency of the enterprises are indispensable for a link, the following are some of the update I arrange equipment in the enterprise actual effect:

1. Precision - product quality

Accuracy for a device is, the higher the better, this means that produces the product quality is higher and higher, the quality of the products is an enterprise, under the same cost and profit, the higher the quality, the better sales, sales is good or bad can directly affect the growth of the enterprise;More important is to grasp of the market, if in the same price, you produce the better product quality, so customers are relatively more, that is to say, occupy the market will be more than counterparts, even on the equipment investment is higher than peers, but the reward is much higher than the investment!

2. Customers are more cooperative

Customers in choosing a product, the first element must be quality, the higher the quality of the equipment, the customer more easy to accept, metal circular saw machine in domestic sawing industry belongs to the high-end high precision metal cutting equipment, specific parameters can see the bottom right hand corner of the homepage;

3. Improvement of quality

When customers come to visit, the two scenarios: one kind is enterprises still use the old equipment for processing, employees work in a hectic environment is not very good, workshop noise is larger;Another is the enterprise production workshop workers not many, but work in a coherent, and tidy working environment, can't see the busy workers, have a plenty of the operation of the detachment, using all of these domestic high-end high precision equipment, two kinds of circumstances, to the customer's feeling is completely different, believe that customers are more willing to choose the latter.

4. Cost savings

In this case, a lot of companies say, update device cost savings?Yes, that's true. Maybe you'll feel a little bit more upfront, even more than five times the cost of the previous device, but have you ever thought about the actual use?For example: the metal circular saw machine saw cutting cost only a few cents, and the traditional equipment saw cutting a knife at least one dime and above, what is the profit margin in the middle?And personnel cost savings, etc., if the enterprise is a long action, so can be considered in the long run, both market possession, and save the cost, personnel can generate more profits for the enterprise!