2017-09-30 20:11:49

Selection and Use of Metal Saw Blades

1.Selection of diameter

The diameter of saw blade is related to the cutting equipment used and the size of the cutting piece.The blade diameter is small and the cutting speed is relatively low.The blade diameter is high for saw blade and saw cutting equipment, and cutting efficiency is high.The outer diameter of the saw blade is selected according to the different circular sawing machine.

2.Selection of thickness

The thickness of the saw blade is theoretically the thinner the better.Saws are practically a drain.The diameter of the saw blade and the cutting material determine the thickness of the saw blade. The thickness of the blade is too thin. The blade is easy to swing when working, which affects the effect of cutting.The thickness of the saw blade should be considered based on the stability of the saw blade and the cutting material.The thickness of some special materials is also specific and should be used according to the requirements of the equipment, such as slotting saw blades.

3.Aperture selection

The aperture is a relatively simple parameter, which is mainly based on the requirement of the equipment. At present, the standard pore diameter of domestic design is 32MM, and some imported equipment also has 25.4MM hole.No matter the size of the aperture, the machine can be reshaped by a lathe or a wire cutter. The lathe can be used to cover the large aperture, and the wire cutter can enlarge the hole for the requirements of the equipment.


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