2017-12-14 16:14:32

Metal circular saw machine safe operating procedures

Metal circular saw is a hydraulic type. Vertical slide up and down forward and backward knife, feed structure, accurate, floating material seat, not to hurt the workpiece surface. So how to operate the circular saw correctly and safely? Let's take a look at the safe operation of metal circular saw.

1, must be trained by a single person stand-alone operation, the operator should be familiar with the general performance and structure of the machine, master equipment failure prevention, judgment and emergency measures.

2, operating the machine, wear safety glasses, do not wear loose clothes, can not stay long hair, prevent the involvement of the machine.

3, boot must check the blade safety cover is properly installed.

4, must be used within the scope of the design of this machine.

5, be sawed workpiece must be tightened firmly, can not use blunt saw blade.

6, to take a good saw the workpiece, you must press the emergency brake button to prevent the wrong step on the foot switch, the nose dropped hurt.

7, when an exception occurs simply push the emergency brake inside, the nose even rebounded.

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