2018-01-17 15:27:22

Circular Sawing Machine Cutting Speed Calculation

What is the output of a circular saw cutting a day?

I believe a lot of companies in the circular saw machine are more concerned with a problem, in fact, this should be based on the material of the material, cutting the diameter of the material and cut the length of the product; below we use 45 steel, the product length of 60mm, the material Diameter of 60mm to calculate:

45 steel circular saw machine cut off a second speed of 6mm, feed rate of 120mm per second, holding time of 1.5 seconds (clamping time contains cut up after the lift up time), then in theory, 60mm The diameter requires a cutting time of 10 seconds and a length of 60 mm takes a delivery time of 0.5 seconds, together with a fixed holding time of 1.5 seconds, it can be concluded that the cutting is done every 12 seconds and the production per minute is 60/12 = 5 ; One hour of production: 5 * 60 = 300, calculated according to 8 hours a day, then the day's output is 300 * 8 = 2400;

Obtained by the above formula a formula:

60 / (material diameter / cutting speed per second + product length / feeding speed + holding time) * 60 * 8

Explain the meaning of the above formula:

First inside the brackets is:

Diameter of material / cutting speed per second = cutting time of material

Product Length / Feeding Speed = Time of one feeding

The first 60 minutes, followed by a 60 is replaced by an hour for 60 minutes, the last 8 refers to work 8 hours a day, that is calculated first cut a few seconds, and then divided by 60 divided by a time to get each Minutes can be cut several times, and then multiplied by 60 minutes to yield hourly output, and finally multiplied by 8 hours, is the daily output.

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