1487923293220257.pngWelcom To China Saw Blade Machine Manufacturer. 

Our products includes:

Carbide Circular Saw Blade Grinding Machine (sharpening machine), Carbide Circular Saw Blade Polishing Machine, 

Carbide Circular Saw Blade Welding Machine,  Carbide Circular Saw Blade Blasting Machine,

Carbide Circular Saw Blade Pipe Packing Machine.

Kinton invented the Carbide Circular Blade Pipe Packing Machine. This type of machine is fully automatic, and can greatly lower the cost, especially the labor cost.

Kinton Saw Blade Machine Co.,Ltd specialized in developing different type saw blade machines to meet the special requirements from customers around the world. we won a good reputation and trust by providing our customers the high quality and good after-sale service.